About us  

Tagawa Sangyo Co., Ltd. is Japan’s leading manufacturer and researcher of sustainable building materials and interior design products. Founded in 1924, our company specializes in lime-based products, and has earned a national recognition as the prime innovator in this field.


Building materials

Interior design products

Do-it-Yourself kit

Shikkui Plaster - traditional and innovative Japanese lime plaster.

Limix - customizable non-baked Shikkui-based ceramic tiles.

Lumie Cube - natural deodorant and elegant design piece.

Ecopo - Shikkui-based flowerpot modeling kit.


We commit ourselves to continuous development of our lime-based technologies, and to creating a healthy environment with natural and beautiful products that last.


Shikkui is the core word that stands for our beliefs. Shikkui - traditional Japanese lime plaster made of natural and high quality components. We revived and improved the traditional technologies giving them a new life and innovative applications in new products. Shikkui is more than a brand name. It is our firm belief in a sustainable future, where beautiful and high quality products come directly from nature.

Shikkui is based on our following principles: