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Shikkui Plaster (城かべ Shirokabe) is a traditional Japanese lime plaster made exclusively of natural ingredients, such as slaked lime of high calcium purity, natural fiber, seaweed extracts and other aggregates. An ecological wall finish material, it absorbs CO2 gas and controls humidity level.

Throughout Japan, our Shikkui Plaster has been widely used for both internal and external walls of houses, temples and castles, as well as for ceiling and roofing.

Basic characteristics of Shikkui Plaster

  • Various textures and pre-mixed colors
  • Natural components, no harmful chemicals
  • Humidity regulating and breathable
  • Natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial effect effect due to high alkalinity (e.g. slaked lime - recognized disinfectant of influenza viruses)
  • Natural anti-static (prevents dust on surface)
  • Absorbs and reflects light most evently
  • Made of non-inflammable materials, resulting in excellent fire resistance