Limix is a unique Shikkui-based building material that is formed under extremely high pressure to achieve properties similar to marble. Due to the non-baking technology, all its natural components are preserved in the original, though compressed form. This production process also allows for various customized effects, colors and textures.

Recommended application: interior floor and walls.

How Limix adds value

  • Natural components, no harmful chemicals
  • Fully recyclable
  • Naturally kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds due to high alkalinity
  • Absorbs VOC gasses and bad smells
  • Continuously absorbs CO2 as installed final product (total CO2 absorption: 297g / 1 kg of Limix)
  • 80% less energy consumption and low CO2 emissions during manufacturing (compared to baked ceramic tiles)
  • Naturally anti-static, prevents dust accumulation
  • Humidity-regulating
  • Outstanding hardness comparable to marble
  • Individual design options: customized content (up to 50%), textures and embedded objects
  • Wide range of custom and standard colors
  • Can be used towards LEED credits
  • Cradle to Cradle certified (Silver)

  • Colors and Textures of LIMIX ( PDF, 684 Kb)

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