Shikkui and Environment  

In which ways are Shikkui products healthy and friendly to the environment?

(1) Natural components, mainly slaked lime / limestone, plant fiber, seaweed extracts
(2) Slaked lime having high alkalinity, which naturally kills bacteria, viruses and mold/fungi
(3) Cradle to Cradle certification (Silver)
(4) Shikkui building materials can contribute toward LEED credits
(5) Low carbon footprint in production (incl. overseas shipment), low energy in production (e.g. for Limix - 89% less compared to baked ceramic tiles)
(6) Slaked lime in Shikkui products absorbs CO2 in the air turning into CaCO3. Also captures VOC gasses and odours.
(7) Humidity-regulating
(8) Naturally anti-static, prevent dust accumulation
(9) High quality control in production
(10) Adopted and followed water stewardship principles
(11) All products are fully recyclable or decomposable

Ecological Data Sheet