What if you could improve the air quality in your home?

Better respiratory health with Japanese architectural surfaces that offer a new approach.

Introducing Shikkui

Natural, Earth-friendly architectural surfaces engineered in Japan for creating healthier indoor environment.

  • antimicrobial,¬†anti-allergic
  • highly humidity-regulating
  • VOC and odor neutralizing
  • all-natural, biodegradable
  • both classic and unique modern designs

Tested for centuries

Shikkui, evolved in Japan from the 6th century,

perfected since 1924 by Tagawa Sangyo

Shikkui is a line of lime-based architectural coatings. Utilizing centuries old natural Japanese construction technologies, these modern finishes, ranging from decorative artisan finishes to sprayable paint-type coatings, are the new development in the architectural field with a strong focus on respiratory health and indoor air quality.

Limix are unique, all-natural, antimicrobial wall and floor tiles based on Japanese Shikkui technology and designed to create a health-beneficial environment for indoors. Ideal for residential spaces where people spend a lot of time time (living room, bedroom), kids rooms, hospitals and other areas where a healthy air is a priority.

Health benefits make sustainability more meaningful

Sharing the same natural compositon, Shikkui and Limix also share the meaningful impact on our health and the environment:

Fresh, cleaner indoor air for your family's comfort and well-being

Combined with a quality HVAC system, Shikkui and Limix surfaces actively help create genuinely healthier, dehumidified air without pathogens, harmful VOC gases and allergens.